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Vacancy for AI Epidemiology Data Scientist

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AI Epidemiology Data Scientist

AI Epidemiology Data Scientist

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The AI Epidemiology Data Scientist will serve as a bridge between the field of epidemiology and artificial intelligence.
This role involves utilizing expertise in epidemiology to guide the analysis, preparation, and understanding of complex health data sets, ensuring the accurate training of generative AI models.
The successful candidate will provide insights from an epidemiological perspective and work collaboratively with AI engineers and data scientists to design and implement state-of-the-art AI solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

Epidemiological Data Analysis: Work closely with AI teams to understand data requirements for generative model training. Oversee and assess intricate health data sets while leading epidemiological analyses.
Utilize statistical methodologies to assess and validate data quality and relevance.
Data Preparation and Preprocessing: Clean, normalize, and transform data to be used in AI models. Implement robust methods for handling missing data, outliers, and other anomalies.
Ensure epidemiological relevancy and accuracy of data subsets prepared for model training.
Collaboration and Communication: Serve as a subject matter expert in epidemiology for the AI team.
Translate epidemiological findings and considerations into actionable insights for AI model development.
Foster effective communication between researchers, data scientists, and AI engineers. Model Validation: Review AI model outputs from an epidemiological perspective to ensure validity and reliability. Collaborate with AI teams to refine models based on epidemiological insights.
Documentation and Reporting: Document data preparation methodologies, analysis results, and model considerations in detail. Prepare and present reports on findings, model improvements, and other relevant outcomes to stakeholders.
Continuous Learning: Maintain awareness of current trends and latest developments in epidemiology and AI to bring innovative approaches to the team.
Participate in relevant conferences, workshops, and seminars to further professional growth and network with other professionals.
Qualifications: Master's or Ph.D. in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Public Health, or a related field in epidemiological data analysis and study design, preferably in a healthcare setting Proficiency in statistical analysis programs such as R, Python, or STATA, and appropriately interpreting results, is a plus Familiarity with AI concepts, particularly in the realm of generative models, is a plus.
Strong organizational, analytical, reasoning, problem solving, and research skills Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal and interpersonal skills Ability to work effectively in multidisciplinary teams.
This role offers a unique opportunity to merge the fields of epidemiology and artificial intelligence, playing a critical part in the development of AI models that can revolutionize health insights and predictions.

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